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Payment Assist

Spread the cost of your bill. Interest Free. Fee Free

With Payment Assist you can spread the cost of any work needed to get your car back on the road into 4 payments.

Once you have signed up you will pay a deposit today of 25% of the total bill via your debit card, followed by 3 more equal payments on your debit card.

What is Payment Assist?

Payment Assist's offering was specifically designed for the automotive industry, with the intention to ease the burden of the unexpected bill you may have when you take your car into a garage. Whilst you may have budgeted for the initial work, when you car needs more parts or additional work carried out, this additional cost can make a dent in your finances, sometimes meaning that the critical work that your car needs to make it roadworthy is put off until you can afford it.

Payment Assist is here to help, spreading the cost of this work means that your car is roadworthy and you can remain driving safely, whilst paying for the work over a 3-month period.

How do I get Payment Assist?

Simply speak to the garage when you bring your car in and they will be happy to help.

Which garages offer Payment Assist?

The First Stop locations which offer this service are:

Payment Assist FAQ's

Is it a direct debit?

The repayments are collected via a recurring transaction agreement from the debit card. If the deposit card used for the deposit expires, is replaced or is cancelled, it must be updated on the Payment Assist system before we can continue to collect the repayments. It can be updated by contacting Payment Assist at 01664 503151 or

How do the payments work?

You will pay a deposit of 25% of the total bill via your debit card on the day, followed by three more equal monthly payments from the debit card.

Where's the catch?

There genuinely isn't one. Quite simply, rather than incurring the cost of borrowing money from other sources, use Payment Assist and pay no interest or fees on the funds you need, providing your payments are made in line with the payment plan.

Do I pay any charges?

None at all, the payment plan is totally interest and fee-free and is designed to support you when you most need it.

Do you carry out a credit check?

We simply check that your card has adequate funds to pay the 25% deposit and the address registered to your debit card matches the address the plan is being put through for, but no 'footprint' is left on your credit status and this online check takes literally two seconds.

Will I be accepted by Payment Assist?

Payment Assist has a 98% acceptance rate.

Can I change my payment dates?

The collection dates can be changed free of charge by contacting Payment Assist on 01664 503151 or

How will I know my payment is due?

Payment Assist sends out a reminder email 7 days before a payment is due, to allow enough time for you to arrange for sufficient funds to be in the account.


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