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TPMS stands for Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. It is an electronic device designed to monitor the air pressure of the car tyres, to make sure your tyres are running at their optimum pressure to air performance. When the pressure drops below a certain set level, you will get a warning.

It’s not that you have to forget about your tyre pressure from now on, because it's always important, but most new cars nowadays have an onboard computer which tells you about everything, so it is less necessary to test tyre pressure manually.


Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Installing TPMS

If your vehicle is not fitted with a TPMS as standard, our First Stop centres can always install it so that you can concentrate on driving. The system will notify you in real-time with audible and visual signals, cutting the chance of mishaps caused by loss of pressure: punctures, burst tyres, loss of grip, increased braking distance, or an accident. With an installed TPMS, you will also avoid fuel over-consumption or tyres wearing out faster, issues caused by driving with low pressure.

The TPMS watches sensors fitted to the wheels, with their own power independent of the vehicle battery, which communicates with the system's central monitoring unit.

When do I have to service the TPMS?

When we fit or rotate new tyres, repair a puncture or a burst tyre, the TPMS needs to be adjusted. We have to replace the sensors on the wheels, calibrate them and adjust the pressure on the central unit according to the specific recommendations. So that you can drive with complete peace of mind.

Why install a TPMS?

    • Checks tyre pressure in real-time
    • Reduces excess fuel consumption
    • Encourages greener driving
    • Increases your safety at the wheel



When we fit the spare wheel, we have to connect the TPMS sensor to monitor the pressure on this tyre in real-time. We recommend you visit a First Stop garage to get the TPMS properly adjusted.

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