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Engine Oil Change Near You

A regular oil change is the simplest yet most effective maintenance service to keep your car running reliably for miles to come. In fact, you can think of oil changes as more than just a routine step — they’re absolutely essential to maintain your engine’s performance and protect it against wear and tear.

No matter your vehicle's make or model, our expert technicians are here to provide a top-notch oil change service, using high-quality parts and products from leading brands.


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How to tell if your engine oil needs changing

Knowing when to change your engine oil is key to keeping your car in good shape. Here are a few signs that might mean it's time for a visit to First Stop:

  • Check engine light: If this light comes on and stays on, it might mean your engine oil is low.

  • Noise: Knocking or rumbling sounds from the engine can indicate it’s not being lubricated properly.

  • Smell: A strong odour of oil inside the vehicle is usually a sign that there might be an oil leak or that oil is burning within the engine. There may be a risk that leaked oil could come into contact with hot engine parts, potentially leading to a fire hazard. An immediate check by a professional is highly recommended.

  • Smoke: Excessive smoke coming from the exhaust could be a strong signal of oil-related issues, particularly if the smoke is blueish in colour. This might mean that oil is being burnt in the combustion chamber as a result of faulty seals or broken engine components. This will not only impact your vehicle’s performance but will likely cause it to fail emissions testing too.

  • Oil colour: Fresh engine oil is brown and becomes darker as it’s used and becomes contaminated. Black oil is a sign it needs changing.

  • Oil level: Regularly checking the oil level using the dipstick can help you catch low oil levels before they become a critical problem. If you find yourself needing to top off your oil frequently, it might indicate a leak or another issue that should be inspected promptly.

  • Mileage or time: Most manufacturers recommend an oil change every certain number of miles or after a particular time period, whichever comes first. It’s important to stick to this schedule even if you don’t notice any of the symptoms above.

How to tell if your engine oil needs changing | First Stop

To resolve these issues, clean engine oil lubricates numerous moving parts, minimising friction and preventing overheating. As the oil circulates, it also collects and eliminates dirt and debris that can cause wear and damage over time.

By regularly replacing the engine oil and oil filter with First Stop, you can even improve your fuel efficiency. Clean oil ensures that the internal components of the engine work seamlessly without unnecessary friction, which can lead to lower fuel consumption and, consequently, save you money at the pump.


Oil Change Near You Cost | First Stop

How much is an oil and filter change?

Like many other maintenance services, the exact cost of an oil change can vary according to a few different factors: 

  • Type of oil: Different vehicles need different types of oil. Newer cars, for example, may need fully synthetic oil, which tends to cost a little more than a synthetic blend or conventional engine oil.

  • Filter change: The oil filter also needs to be changed regularly, which can affect the overall cost.

  • Additional services: Some people choose to get additional services, like an interim service, at the same time as their oil change.

At First Stop, you have the option to enrol in a maintenance plan that includes regular oil changes and more:

Express Maintenance Plan 

  • Change of oil 10W40

  • Oil filter

  • Check levels

  • Safety check: brakes, tyres, shock absorbers

  • Vehicle inspection report

Premium Maintenance Plan

  • Everything included in the Express maintenance plan

  • Air filter




Excellent Maintenance Plan

  • Everything included in the Premium maintenance plan

  • Fuel filter




Remember that staying on top of regular maintenance like oil changes and car servicing -as well as annual MOT testing- helps to keep your car running well and can prevent larger, more expensive problems down the road. For an exact price and to book an oil change, contact your nearest First Stop.

Different types of engine oil

Understanding the differences between engine oil types is key to effective engine maintenance.

  • Fully synthetic oil:

    • Offers superior engine protection and performance, particularly under extreme conditions and varying temperatures, making it suitable for high-performance and modern engines.

  • Synthetic blend oil:

    • A hybrid of synthetic and conventional oils, the synthetic blend provides improved protection and performance over conventional oil, offering a cost-effective compromise.

  • Conventional oil:

    • Often used for older vehicle models, conventional oil provides reliable protection and sufficient performance under normal driving conditions.

Choosing the right oil involves considering your vehicle's age, your driving patterns, and manufacturer recommendations. Always consult your vehicle’s manual or a First Stop professional for tailored advice.

Different Tyres of Engine Oil | First Stop
When should I change my oil and filter? | First Stop

When should I change my oil and filter?

Normally, you should change your engine oil once a year or according to the mileage below. If you make lots of short trips, it might be better to do it more often. Likewise, if your vehicle is rarely used, you can schedule oil changes less frequently.

  • For vehicles made before 2000, every 5,000 to 10,000 miles

  • For vehicles made after 2000, every 10,000 to 20,000 miles

We also recommend you check the oil level at least once a month or every 1,000 miles to ensure it has not risen above the maximum level or fallen below the minimum.

It is very important to use the type of oil recommended by the manufacturer. If you follow these guidelines, you will avoid damage to the engine, premature wear, excess fuel consumption, and damage to other parts.

How long does an oil change take?

At First Stop, we value your time and strive to get you back on the road as promptly as possible without compromising on the quality of service. Although exact timing may vary, a standard oil change will typically take 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

While our expert technicians take care of your vehicle, you can relax in our comfortable waiting area, equipped with free Wi-Fi and complimentary refreshments. Your wait, although short, will be as comfortable and convenient as possible.

How long does an Oil Change take? | First Stop

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