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Who are Kumho Tyres?

Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, Kumho Tyre is one of the world’s most technology driven, innovative, and progressive tyre manufacturers. Today, Kumho makes tyres for cars and vans, buses and coaches, and trucks and trailers.

With a globalised production base and research and development centres in South Korea, China, Europe, and North America; Kumho has created a range of tyres perfect for the most demanding drivers and which are ready for the world’s most challenging conditions. It means that Kumho tyres are well suited to British conditions, drivers, and cars.


Compared to some tyre brands Kumho’s history is short – it was founded as recently as 1960.  But the brand likes to move quickly - where it is short on history, Kumho is long on quality.  So, in its relatively young life Kumho’s been, and continues to be, fitted as original equipment by some of the world’s most prestigious car manufacturers –Hyundai, Mercedes, Kia, Renault, and Volkswagen; to name just a few.

Why Kumho

Enthusiastic drivers will be relieved to know that what we learn on the track we put on the road. Kumho's racing pedigree includes a class win at Le Mans and many years supplying Formula 3 which helped launch the careers of drivers such as Hamilton, Vettel, and Verstappen. Today, Kumho is the tyre of the TCR World Tour – the pinnacle of one of the world's most popular motor sport categories, and one which features cars that look like those on our roads.

And drivers focused on getting from A to B will appreciate the effort that we put into making our tyres as quiet, safe, and comfortable as can be.

Every driver, though, will benefit from the combination of Kumho’s excellent overall cost of ownership, Kumho’s advanced technology, and Kumho’s dependability.

Whatever you drive – petrol, diesel, electric, hybrid - Buy Kumho: you won’t regret it.

Kumho Ecowing ES31

Kumho ES31
Rating-Star Rating-Star Rating-Star Rating-Star Rating-Star-Half 4.2/5 (20 reviews)
  • Developed to reduce fuel consumption by using eco-compounds.
  • Improved wet grip technology, endurance, and mileage.
  • For small to medium sized saloons and hatchbacks.

Kumho ECSTA HS52

ECSTA HS52 Testhousemarks
Rating-Star Rating-Star Rating-Star Rating-Star 4/5 (1 reviews)
  • Exceptional performance in wet conditions.
  • Engineered to provide up to 30% more mileage.
  • Recently awarded a “Good” rating in testing by ADAC (a respected German motoring organisation), which means it can be recommended without reservation.
  • Auto Build, a German car magazine, in its test recognised the Kumho Ecsta HS52 for its “convincing performance on wet and dry tracks, short wet and dry braking distances”.

Kumho PS71 & PS71 SUV, EV

ECSTA PS71 SUV Testhousemarks
Rating-Star Rating-Star Rating-Star Rating-Star Rating-Star 4.6/5 (4 reviews)
  • Outstanding handling and braking performance on wet and dry roads
  • Reinforced for precise and stable handling, even at high speeds.
  • High mileage
  • Options for SUV: Kumho’s PS71 SUV was recognised by Auto Bild, a German motoring magazine for its “safe handling in all conditions, good off-road qualities, […] short braking distances, moderate price”.
    Options for EV’s featuring (where specified) Kumho’s K-Silent technology for extra sound deadening.
  • Original Equipment on Kia EV6.
  • A great fit for anybody who wants to get the best handling out of their hatchback, supermini, saloon, or SUV.

Kumho Solus 4 Season

Solus HA32
  • Superb balanced performance in all weather conditions offering all year-round performance.
  • Outstanding handling performance on wet roads.
  • Very good traction on icy and snowy roads.
  • High mileage.

Kumho Wintercraft WP52

Wintercraft WP52
  • Directional pattern design offers excellent resistance against aquaplaning.
  • Enhanced grip on ice and snow through latest sipe technology.
  • Silica tread compound for short braking distance.

Kumho Wintercraft WP72

Wintercraft WP72
  • New compound technology for excellent braking performance in winter conditions.
  • Excellent traction on snow and ice with new tread pattern design and 3D sipes.
  • Enhanced performance on wet roads.

Kumho Wintercraft WS71

Wintercraft WS71
  • Winter tyre designed for crossovers and SUVs.
  • Asymmetric pattern for excellent handling and a high technology rubber compound for enhanced all weather performance.
  • Special sipes for better traction on snow and ice.
  • New shoulder design for quieter running.