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We have nearly 2,000 car maintenance workshops with all points of sale specialized in the car maintenance, repair and the changing / assembly of tyres in 25 countries throughout Europe. Depending on the specialization of the center, our experts take care of cars, vans, motorcycles, trucks and tractors. Each center is dedicated to offering its customers the best products and services. This customer-focused approach and technical expertise is what makes each center a true First Stop center.

Our Network continues to grow and develop rapidly each year, around a hundred independent tyre centers join us. If you are you interested in finding more out the First Stop network and becoming a First Stop member. Then, send us an e-mail to Your nearest First Stop Retail Business Consultant  will be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss and provide you with further information about joining the First Stop network.


  • Our First Stop centers specialize in tyre and vehicle maintenance wth centers managed directly by First Stop Europe in Spain, France, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, Netherlands and Belgium represent a solid base of tyre and maintenance workshops with staff who have extensive experience and knowledge. All countries share the best practices and have the business support of the organization.
  • We also have many independent First Stop centers subscribed through a 'voluntary chain' partnership with First Stop.

First Stop Europe combines the strength of its owned centers and voluntary chain independent partners in the development of its business as specialists in tyres and car maintenance. In this way we offer excellent coverage throughout Europe to meet the needs of our customers


  • The First Stop agreement provides a high level of independence and freedom compared to other network agreements. It allows our partners to pass on the best offers to their clients and, in turn, develop and diversify their business in the direction they prefer.
  • Benefit from our preferential supplier agreements and strategic alliances with Bridgestone and other top quality tyre, equipment and car parts suppliers.
  • Multi-brand and multi-service concept offering you the best to pass into your customers.
  • Agreements with fleet leasing companies.
  • Highly qualified team of professionals dedicated to support and consolidate the development of your business via First Stop Retail Business Consultants.
  • Support programs for the identification of signage, point of sale aids, marketing, training activities and access to the excellent quality program of the First Stop Network.
  • Support from the No.1 Pan-European Network of Tyre and Car Maintenance Professionals with highly qualified staff to help develop your business.


How to join the First Stop network

  • If all of the above is of interest to you and you would like to investigate further the opportunity to join the First Stop network then please send an email to:
  • Our Retail Business Consultants will then arrange to visit and go through more features, benefits and  participation conditions for joining the First Stop Network.
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