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Let’s get straight to the point: poorly aligned wheels can quickly become a big problem. If your wheels aren’t aligned properly, you’re leaving yourself open to a range of problems and issues. Your tyres will wear out faster, your fuel economy will suffer, and you might even cause expensive damage to your car’s suspension and handling. The solution? Have your wheels aligned at least once a year.

At First Stop, many of our specialists use the latest four-wheel laser alignment equipment to set wheels to the correct position according to manufacturer specs. Learn more about the importance of wheel alignment and schedule a checkup with us to save your tyres, save money on fuel, and keep your car running straight and true.

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The benefits of correct wheel alignment

If you notice that your car is not responsive to steering or drifts to one side, it’s time for a wheel alignment check. Once your wheels are parallel on each axle — and the axles are parallel to each other — you can expect to enjoy a host of benefits, including:

  • Longer lifespan for your tyres

  • Uniform wear across the tread of your tyres

  • Better grip on the road

  • Better fuel economy

  • A safer, more comfortable driving experience

Wheel Alignment Near You | First Stop

Ideally, you should have a wheel alignment check annually or every 10,000 miles to correct any deviations caused by impacts with kerbs and potholes. We also strongly recommend that you have your wheel alignment checked and balanced if you fit new tyres, rotate your existing tyres, if you’re involved in a collision, or replace any part of your car’s suspension or steering.

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How much does wheel alignment cost?

The price of wheel alignment (sometimes also called wheel tracking) varies depending on your car’s make and model. At First Stop, we offer fair and affordable prices with no hidden fees to help you plan your car maintenance budget effectively.

As always, you can expect a professional approach and expertise to guarantee your safety on the road, as well as high-quality products from leading brands and a warm welcome at your local centre. Our continuous equipment investment programme also makes First Stop one of the most technologically advanced networks in the UK.

For an exact price and to book a wheel alignment service, contact your nearest First Stop.

Do I need two- or four-wheel alignment?

Most modern vehicles need a four-wheel alignment, as do all models with all-wheel drive. There are, however, a few exceptions. Vehicles with solid, fixed rear axles — including some large trucks, SUVs, and classic cars — cannot have their rear suspension adjusted. Instead, we check and adjust the “thrust angle” to make sure that all four wheels are pointing in the same direction.

In short, it all depends on your specific steering and suspension system and manufacturer recommendations. Involvement in a collision might also affect whether a two- or four-wheel alignment is needed. The experts at your local First Stop can advise.

2 or 4 Wheel Alignment | First Stop
Laser Wheel Alignment | First Stop

Is laser wheel alignment better?

Laser wheel alignment uses beams of light to ensure wheels are set to the optimum position. After the vehicle is on a ramp so the wheels can rotate, the technician can configure the wheels to specific angles to ensure the car rolls along smoothly. These angles include:

  • Toe-in and toe-out: The direction in which the two front wheels point relative to each other.

  • Camber: The angle of the wheels in relation to the road.

  • Caster: The degree to the steering axis is tilted from vertical when viewed from the side.

Laser wheel alignment is fast, efficient, and incredibly accurate compared to traditional and alternative wheel alignment methods.

Are wheel alignments worth it?

Wheel alignments are absolutely worth it. In fact, more than that, they’re easily one of the most important maintenance tasks. Misalignment can be easy to miss, but it eventually leads to all sorts of preventable issues, including compromised handling and safety.

If you don’t realign your wheels regularly, you may also find that your car will start to cost you more money. Bad wheel alignment can cause your car to fail its MOT, uneven tyre wear means you'll have to replace them more frequently, and you’ll be much more likely to experience expensive problems like damaged wheel rims and suspension. Whether or not you’ve noticed any of the symptoms of misaligned wheels, prevention is always the key — and that’s where First Stop comes in.

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