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Unpleasant fumes at the wheel are not good for your car. If exhaust gases are not escaping properly, it threatens the operation of the engine, and the gases can also penetrate inside the car. 

The exhaust system is located beneath the vehicle and is essential for the correct functioning of your car, as well as encouraging driving which is more considerate of the environment, as it transforms the gases expelled from your vehicle. It consists of the exhaust pipe, the catalyser and, where applicable, the diesel particulates filter, among other components.

Sudden changes in temperature, snow, rain and corrosion caused by salt and water have a direct effect on its condition. This tends to reduce the performance of your car, increasing noise levels from the engine and fuel consumption. Any problems with the car's exhaust or catalyser are harmful to the environment and may also harm you and the other occupants of your car: harmful gases can penetrate the car's interior.

First Stop | Exhaust System

Why service the exhaust pipe?

  • Avoids loss of power and restriction of exhaust from the engine

  • Cuts polluting gas emissions

  • Helps ensure proper fuel consumption

  • Reduces engine noise


When should I service the Exhaust System?

At First Stop we recommend servicing it every 3-6 years, depending on the mileage and make of the car. It is recommended to replace the car’s catalyser every 50,000 - 65,000m. If you notice in the rear view mirror excess smoke or smoke of an abnormal colour coming from the exhaust, stop and have a look at the following:

  • If you notice black smoke, the car is losing power and the engine is frequently cutting out, this means there may be an obstruction or a crack in the exhaust system. 

  • If you notice blue smoke: check oil levels regularly, and if you find these are low or fall regularly over time, go to First Stop because your car may be losing oil and the problem can be solved by changing the faulty parts of the pistons and valves, or turbo boost.

  • If you notice white or grey smoke: go directly to get the car checked at your local First Stop

  • If you hear metallic sounds or notice vibration under the car, or the steering wheel or gear-stick vibrates as the car is slowing down, there is probably a crack or break, or part of the system has become detached.

An important issue you need to remember: any malfunction in the car’s exhaust pipe or catalyser could mean it does not pass its MOT.

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