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Is your air conditioner blowing hot and cold?

Air conditioning

The British weather is a funny old thing. One moment, you’ll be wrapping up warm and turning up the heaters before turning a corner and taking off your jumper because of a burst of sudden sunshine.

Some days, it’s impossible to know whether to put a thermal vest or pair of shorts and packing your car for a day-out can seem like loading a small aircraft.

That’s why your air conditioning is so important – keeping you warm when it’s 10 below and keeping you cool when it’s 20 above.

But did you know that you should regularly check, clean and neutralise your air conditioning?

It’s reckoned, according to a report by the RAC, that car air conditioning can be one of the main causes of the flu and can often spread disease if not used, cleaned and refreshed regularly.

Whilst ‘What’s that smell?’ is a regular question from the back seat of the car, it could be your air conditioning!

But don’t worry. If you’re crying, sneezing or trying to hide from the smell of pungent air conditioning, it’s time to put away the tissues – First Stop are here to help.

By visiting your local First Stop garage, we can blow the cobwebs away from your air conditioning, give it a boost of cold air and neutralise it to stop those rotten smells from winding their way into your nostrils.

And, although we can’t promise tropical weather this summer, we can promise a cool and comfortable car to stop those ice creams from melting.

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