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The latest All-Season tyre AW-6 boasts years of tyre knowledge to deliver a great all season tyre.

Designed with winter tyre type tread block sipes to allow cold season performance and summer tyre style shoulders to allow dry weather performance and cornering stability. The all Season AW-6 is the best of both worlds.

With a brand new compound and wider tread blocks than the previous All-Season tyre, the AW-6 has superior EU labelling and much better performance through those winter months.

3PMSF ( Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake ) marked guaranteeing that the tyre meets the rigorous testing in difficult weather conditions.

  • New All Season Tyre
  • Wider tread for better control on winter roads
  • 3D sipe pattern design to improve handing

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  • Center groove design for better drainage ability.
  • The tread width is 6% wider than its predecessor for improved controllability on ice and snow-covered roads.
  • 5 pitch layout tread block design improves driving comfort by reducing noises.
  • Improved tyre rigidity and ice road handling with 3D sipe pattern design
  • Whole new tread rubber formula for better performance on wet surfaces