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Tyre Size Explained

Tyre Size Explained 1

How to Find out my Tyre Size?

Your tyre size, speed and load rating area mixture of numbers and letters similar to those below:

Tyre Size Example: 245 / 40 R20

  1. Tyre Width -  245 is the width in millimetres. For standard tyres, this number varies between 125 and 335 millimetres.
  2. Height - 40 is the height of the tyre as a percentage of the tyre width (240).
  3. R - means the tyre is a radial construction.
  4. Diameter - 20 is the diameter of the tyre.

The letter ‘E’ should also be stamped on your tyre which means the tyre complies with European Safety Standards.

The Additional Information

  1. Load Index '99' - is an index showing the maximum load the tyre at the speed designated by the speed symbol.
  2. Speed symbol 'W' - relates to the maximum speed at which the tyre can travel with a full load. 


Still unsure then please contact your nearest First Stop Shop from the link below who will be happy to help and advise you on your correct tyre size: 


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Tyre Size Explained 2