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What if you were on the way to an important meeting and you had a puncture? According to statistics, over 50% of them happen at the most inconvenient time and place. In this situation, the best thing is to go to the nearest workshop so that the puncture on the tyre can be repaired or a new one fitted if necessary.

Can any type of puncture be repaired?

No, not all punctures can be repaired. So it is very important for a specialist to check the tyre.

If the puncture in the tyre is in the tread, it can be repaired as long as the specialist finds there is no internal damage. However, if it is in the shoulder of the tyre, or in the side wall, it is most likely that the puncture cannot be repaired.

If the tyre cannot be repaired, the First Stop specialist will recommend the type of new wheel your vehicle needs.

How long does it take to repair a puncture?

In general, it takes between 15 and 20 minutes to repair a puncture. But it will depend on the nature and type of puncture in the tyre.

Why repair a puncture?

  • You’ll save by not buying a new tyre
  • You will avoid internal damage to the tyre
  • You will extend the tyre life.



For safety's sake, and to avoid serious damage to the rim, the wheel or the car itself, you have to stop the vehicle as soon as possible, change the punctured tyre and go to the nearest First Stop centre so that the tyre can be repaired.

If the car is fitted with Bridgestone DriveGuard tyres, the reinforced side wall will allow you to drive safety for a limited distance and at a reduced speed. This type of tyre also includes Cooling Fin technology which redistributes the heat and friction if the tyre suffers a puncture.

In this case, it is also recommended to go to the nearest First Stop centre for a service, to repair the puncture or replace the tyre if necessary.