Bridgestone A005 All Weather Tyre

Bridgestone - A005 All Weather Tyre

The Bridgestone A005 is a reliable tyre in weather conditions all year round, offering expert control whether travelling through pouring rain, or scorching sun. You can trust you'll have a safe and comfortable journey no matter where you are, from unexpected braking in the city to highway turns.


Bridgestone A005 All Weather Tyre

Superior wear life

Ensuring the same mileage as premium summer tyres, long-lasting and efficient, the A005 will bring you peace of mind for miles of travel. 

Autumn leaves on the floor

Offering best-in-class wet grip index

The A005 is rated EU grade "A" - the highest possible grade in grip index - so you can rest assured that you're in full control of your vehicle, even if you can't be in control of the weather. 

Tyre in snowy environment

Qualified snow performance

Certified 3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake marking (3PMSF) indicating the tyre's performance meets the criteria in snow testing, meaning it is severe snow service-related.