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How well do you know your roadsigns?

All the signs are good!

Do you know your roadsigns?

With over 38,000,000 vehicles on UK roads, its no wonder that our roads are busy with stressed motorists heading in search of some summer sun.

TyreSafe statistics show that July and August are the worst months for accidents on UK roads too, with incidents almost a third higher than they are in any other month of the year.

Whilst First Stop can keep you on the straight and narrow, Britain's road signs provide a vital service for keeping motorists heading in the right direct, driving safely and getting to their destinations safely.

But, according a recent survey by Accident Advice Helpline, under half of UK motorists don't feel confident in their knowledge of road signs. That figure is just under 90% for 18-26's. Unbelievable.

We're aiming to change that with a quick quiz to test your knowledge.

Do you know your road humps from your rolling road block?

Do you know the difference between a sharp right turn and a vehicle approaching from the left sign?

Are the signs good for you to get 100% on our quiz?

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