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Reasons why you should book your MOT test early this year

Booking an MOT test early may seem like a strange thing to do. And like most, you could be tempted to leave it to the last minute. After all, is there much point in booking your MOT test early? 

Well yes, there is actually! With lockdown easing, garages are no doubt going to see the effects, with more people wanting to get their car ready for summer. But if you leave it to the last minute, you may not get in. And you could find yourself without a vehicle you can legally drive. 

To make sure this doesn’t happen, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about booking an MOT. 


Book your MOT early and don’t miss out!

Garages are likely to get booked up fast with the easing of lockdown restrictions, so booking your MOT in advance is a wise thing to do. After all, the last thing you want is to be without a vehicle heading into summer. 

Some think you have to wait until your MOT is about to expire before you book a new one. But that’s not true. You can book your MOT test for up to one month before it expires, and doing so will keep your renewal date the same! 

For example, if your MOT expires on June 15th 2021, you can book your MOT test for May 15th 2021, and your expiry date will be June 15th 2022. 

That’s right! Booking your MOT test for a month before the renewal date means it’ll be valid for 13 months, not 12! Of course, this is providing your vehicle passes the first time. 


Booking an MOT with First Stop 

Because we’re an essential service provider, we’ve been helping to keep you safe on the road throughout the pandemic. With over 2,000 service centres in 35 countries, booking an MOT with us is quick and convenient. 

All you have to do is head over to the First Stop website and locate your nearest garage. From here, you can book an MOT for a time and date that suits you. 


Getting ready for your MOT 

It’s far from a walk in the park to pass an MOT test. The requirements are strict, as you’d expect. But being prepared can boost your chances of passing the first time. And for that, we’ve got you covered. 

First off, familiarise yourself with everything that’s checked in an MOT test here. Doing so will open your eyes to the things you can check at home, like your tyre pressure, fluids, lights etc. Almost half of all MOT failures could be prevented with simple maintenance — so knowing what to look for will pay off!

Once you know what’s included, why not book a free vehicle inspection? We’ll check your headlights, wiper blades, battery, windscreen, tyres — everything that’s checked on an MOT test. 

Check out our guide to preparing your vehicle for an MOT for more information. 


Book your MOT with First Stop 

So there you have it. And remember, the six-month MOT extension that the government put in place for Covid has now passed. The extension period ended on January 31st, so if you were eligible, it’s too late if you haven’t already had your MOT. 

Driving without a valid MOT could leave you with a £1000 fine, so find your local garage and get booked in!